PHP Challenge 2 - Working With Arrays and Array Functions

The highest recorded daily temperatures in degrees celcius for the Sunshine Coast Airport weather station during January 2015 were:

32.3, 31.3, 28.2, 29.3, 29.7, 29.9, 28.7, 28.4, 30.5, 30.5, 31.7, 30.6, 29.4, 32.0, 36.2, 31.3, 32.8, 33.3, 32.9, 28.8, 30.8, 28.0, 25.9, 30.8, 32.4, 32.0, 31.3, 25.2, 29.1, 28.6, 30.6

You challenge is to store the temperatures in an array and then to calculate the following:

  • the average daily temperature
  • the lowest 5 temperatures
  • the highest 5 temperatures

Present your results using appropriate presentation.


The lowest 5 recorded temperatures at Sunshine Coast Airport in January 2015 were: 27.2, 28.3, 29.4, 29.5, 29.7


You may consider extending this task by converting temperatures from degrees celcius to degrees fahrenheit as required.

Also, consider how you will handle the decimal values when calculating the average temperature.


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