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These courses have been delivered to over 3200 students by Patrick Morrow, a national award-winning teacher, who is very active in the courses and who provides full support to students.

Below are just a few of the many positive comments received about the courses. The average rating is an incredible 4.76 out of 5 stars!

Student Comments:

You want to learn the fundamentals of PHP? Take this course! If you want a no-fluff, straight-to-the-point, engaging, practical, fun and beginners course in PHP, then this is the course you are looking for. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of PHP. In no time, you will be writing scripts ranging from fairly simple to complex. The instruction is structured in such a way that you grab the basics very quickly and get to practice what you have learned in practical exercises. The instructor's delivery is engaging throughout the entire length of the course and the length of each video is just right so you are not bored and tempted to visit other websites. I'm giving this course 5 stars because of the practice exercises which does a great deal in developing your mental muscles.

Victor Aganoke

WOW - An incredibly engaging course!

This course is outstanding. Patrick has created a well-structured and engaging course that encouraged me to act upon the lectures in order to strengthen my skills. I now feel much more confident about coding in PHP and being able to solve a problem. Patrick explains every step incredibly well and backs this up with examples which build upon previous knowledge. The mini challenges are a great addition to the course and the final extension challenges got me to think on a different level. It's great having the full solutions and downloadable code available for those times you may need a little extra help. Having said that, you will notice that Patrick is very responsive in the forums and he has offered prompt advice to students. I am really looking forward to taking Patrick's next courses and developing my skills even more. Highly recommended.


Explains topics very well

The tutor explains topics very well. Hopefully, he will make more courses on PHP. Maybe more advanced security issues for PHP.

Martin C

Clean and well delivered

Easy to follow, great content, no annoying special effects, just clean and well delivered knowledge"

Anna K

Great explanations

Great explanations, speaks clearly and slowly for new learners. This course is based entirely for newbies in PHP. I do like use use of the online coding engine as well called CodeAnywhere. I am able to continue my work from any computer that has a login.

Lonnie G

Presented in a clear manner

I learned a lot of PHP in this course. Patrick's course was very organized and he presented the material in a clear manner. The most important thing in this course is type in the code during each lecture and making an attempt to make the challenges work. I typed in the code from each lecture and did most of the challenges which really helped me understand the fundamentals of PHP. I know there's many more topics in PHP and would be interested if Patrick was thinking about having a follow up course.

Matthew G

Explains things clearly

He is a very good instructor. He explains clearly. I wish there are more teachers like him, especially in California colleges/universities.

Sidney C

Fun and Educational

The instructor does an excellent job at explaining the syntax of the language. I have been enjoying the course very much since I started it. I'm adding on a bit more. I'm more than half way through the class and still enjoying it. This is a great class for anyone who is learning PHP or just learning to program in general. Everything is explained clearly. The challenges are both fun and educational. I'm looking forward to the rest of the class!!!

Tony O

The 'Start to Finish' PHP course to take

I was Internet stupid when I started this web development stuff. No time wasting fluff at all. Patrick Morrow is methodical. There has not been one mystery so far in this course. He challenges students a little at a time and always gives the key at the end. I fully expect to give this course a 5 star when complete. This is the ""start to finish"" PHP course to take.

Thomas C

5 Stars

The pace feels right, lectures are clear, exercises are well structured, 5 stars.


I love this course

I love this course! everything is clear and easy to follow. The instructor is very knowledgeable in the subject!

Ameer A


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