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How to toggle an element using jQuery

Author: Patrick Morrow

In this lesson I will show you how to toggle an element on and off using jQuery

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How to Check if a Page has Loaded Using jQuery

Author: Patrick Morrow

I was working on a project and needed to include a loading gif until the page had fully loaded. Using a couple of lines of code made this quite easy.

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How to Add Tooltips Using Bootstrap

Author: Patrick Morrow

It is always nice to be able to provide users with hints about how to complete a form field or what information to provide. Using Bootstrap's tooltip feature we can easily accomplish this.

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How to Create a Scroll To Top Button

Author: Patrick Morrow

On long pages it is often quite nice to provide the user with a button or link to scroll back to the top of the page with a single click.

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Multiple Dropdown Lists Using jQuery Ajax and PHP

Author: Patrick Morrow

In this tutorial we will populate a dropdown list based on the value of another dropdown list. This is commonly used for countries and states.

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How to Create a Smooth Animated Progress Bar

Author: Patrick Morrow

While working on a timer component I needed a smooth animated progress bar so came up with the following. It only has a few lines of code and can be adapted to suit your own needs quite easily.


First we will create a basic HTML5 template with links to our external stylesheet and jQuery

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How to Use jQuery to Select and Deselect all Checkboxes

Author: Patrick Morrow

When managing records from a database or selecting items in a form it is often handy to be able to select and deselect multiple checkboxes via a single checkbox or button.

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How to Equalize the Heights of DIVS Using jQuery

Author: Patrick Morrow

In many web designs the designer may have requested for some page elements to be the same size. There are various ways to accomplish this. In this lesson we will consider using jQuery to equalize div heights.

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How to Add Sliding Text on Images Using jQuery

Author: Patrick Morrow

I frequently get asked by my students how to add sliding text over images. In this lesson we will produce a very simple hover effect on an image which will result in text being shown.

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How to Create a jQuery Ajax and PHP Autocomplete Script

Author: Patrick Morrow

In this lesson we will create an autocomplete script using jQuery and PHP. Autocomplete fields can be extremely useful for searching through database records and making suggestions to the user.

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