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How to use the Google API to log in to a website

Author: Patrick Morrow

Would you like to be able to offer your website visitors the option of logging in to your site using Google?

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Learn PHP, PDO, phpMyAdmin and MySQL

Author: Patrick Morrow

Are you a beginner wanting to learn how to code? Do you want to learn PHP and how to connect to a database? We have the course for you!

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PHP for Beginners

Author: Patrick Morrow

This 5* rated course by a national award-winning teacher will take you through the basics of learning a coding in PHP.

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Learn to Make Games with Unity

Author: Patrick Morrow

One of the top production tools in the game development marketplace is Unity. Its powerful features are a hit with small developers and big development houses alike.

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Python Made Easy - The Complete Python Developer Course

Author: Patrick Morrow

Python is one of the hottest programming languages out there today! Demand for people with Python skills is on the increase too.

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PHP for Beginners

Would you like lifetime access to the hugely successful PHP for Beginners course? Click here to find out how.

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