Multiple Dropdown Lists Using jQuery Ajax and PHP

In this tutorial we will populate a dropdown list based on the value of another dropdown list. This is commonly used for countries and states.

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A comprehensive tutorial. Thanks very much!

by JD, 06-Jan-2016

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is it possible when you click 'state' a company details is displayed from "company" table

by Gautam Bose, 20-Jul-2016

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@Gautam Yes, it is possible to do this. You would just need to add another level to the drop downs. The code would be similar to getStates.php

by Patrick Morrow, 22-Jul-2016

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can you please show me your tables

by Mangen, 08-Apr-2017

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@Mangen - if you look at STEP 1 you will see the table structure. They are very basic tables. If you look at the end of the step you will also see a link to a SQL dump of the tables which you could then upload to your own server.

by Patrick Morrow, 10-Apr-2017

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sir can you share the connection part using object oriented or procedural instead of pdo

by mangen, 10-Apr-2017

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@mangen - I highly recommend that you use a PDO connection. However, the MySQLi connection would look something like this:

$db_host = "localhost";
$db_username = "username";
$db_password = "password";
$db = mysqli_connect($db_host, $db_username, $db_password);

You can obviously then test for a successful connection etc.

by Patrick Morrow, 13-Apr-2017

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thank you sir, your code is very helpful

by Mangen, 13-Apr-2017

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sir i'm new to php would you show me how proper validation is done both from the front and back end

by mangen, 15-Apr-2017

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@Mangen what do you mean by proper validation? Do you mean how to validate an input e.g. to check if an email address is actually an email address OR do you mean to validate for security?

by Patrick Morrow, 16-Apr-2017

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do you have a video tutorial on this as it would be nice to hear your explanations

by Laurent, 10-Jul-2018

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Yes, there is a video as part of the membership package

by Patrick Morrow, 11-Jul-2018

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