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How to Add Tooltips Using Bootstrap

Author: Patrick Morrow

It is always nice to be able to provide users with hints about how to complete a form field or what information to provide. Using Bootstrap's tooltip feature we can easily accomplish this.

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How to Calculate the Difference Between Two Dates in PHP

Author: Patrick Morrow

In this short lesson we look at how to create a Bootstrap styled form allowing the user to enter two dates. We then calculate the time difference between the two dates.

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Multiple Dropdown Lists Using jQuery Ajax and PHP

Author: Patrick Morrow

In this tutorial we will populate a dropdown list based on the value of another dropdown list. This is commonly used for countries and states.

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How to Process Form Data in PHP

Author: Patrick Morrow

One of the most common interactions with a user is through a form. Being able to process the data from a form is a necessity for many websites.

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How to Use jQuery to Select and Deselect all Checkboxes

Author: Patrick Morrow

When managing records from a database or selecting items in a form it is often handy to be able to select and deselect multiple checkboxes via a single checkbox or button.

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How To Create a Bootstrap Styled Registration Form

Author: Patrick Morrow

In this lesson we will learn how to create a simple Bootstrap styled form. The completed form could be used as the basis of a simple registration form.

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