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Student Comments:

You want to learn the fundamentals of PHP? Take this course! If you want a no-fluff, straight-to-the-point, engaging, practical, fun and beginners course in PHP, then this is the course you are looking for. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of PHP. In no time, you will be writing scripts ranging from fairly simple to complex. The instruction is structured in such a way that you grab the basics very quickly and get to practice what you have learned in practical exercises. The instructor's delivery is engaging throughout the entire length of the course and the length of each video is just right so you are not bored and tempted to visit other websites. I'm giving this course 5 stars because of the practice exercises which does a great deal in developing your mental muscles.

Victor Aganoke

WOW - An incredibly engaging course!

This course is outstanding. Patrick has created a well-structured and engaging course that encouraged me to act upon the lectures in order to strengthen my skills. I now feel much more confident about coding in PHP and being able to solve a problem. Patrick explains every step incredibly well and backs this up with examples which build upon previous knowledge. The mini challenges are a great addition to the course and the final extension challenges got me to think on a different level. It's great having the full solutions and downloadable code available for those times you may need a little extra help. Having said that, you will notice that Patrick is very responsive in the forums and he has offered prompt advice to students. I am really looking forward to taking Patrick's next courses and developing my skills even more. Highly recommended.



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PHP for Beginners

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